Gerardo Tinoco:
Title: My wonderful wife on our Honey Moon!!!
Where: Before I got married to my wonderful wife, together we bought another VW beetle and we took it on a trip to Puerto Vallarta in our Honey Moon. This happened in 1972. We kept the car for several years during our marriage. Very nice car with no problems. By the way "who" wants to have problems with the car in a Honey Moon? Then my wife and I, decided to buy a Gulf in Guadalajara and before we decided to live in Texas, we sold it. Now I have a Passat 2012.
Story: My first car was a VW beetle 62'. I loved that car and still have it. It is in Mexico and I'm making arrangements to bring it here to Texas and fix it. I am an Engineer and Teacher and work in Texas. I love nature, my wife and my family.