Renae Eide:
Title: My little buggie
Where: My new car fresh from the dealership lot! Thanks Graham Automotive for selling me, not only the car I've always wanted but a great car all around :)
Story: I am a 30 yr old female from Watertown,SD who has had many experiences of the highest highs mixed with the lowest lows. Life started out great, while in college thought I had met the man of my dreams. So I quit school, moved to Iowa, got married, moved into our own place. Then bam all to be taken, unwrapped wedding gifts and all from a devastating fire. Newlyweds forced to moved in with my new in-laws. Six months later were able to buy our own house. Only to end up back home eight years later, because of indiscretions of my spouse I was left with no choice to divorce. In going through divorce you reflect on many things during your past, the could haves, should haves and would haves and remembered I must live and lead the life I have always wanted for myself, something to be proud of. I started working out and lost 10 lbs. Got an awesome job and now hold a Quality Assurance Technician position, am with a man that I have know for 15 yrs. and now have the little bug I have always wanted. Come a long way in a short time, but life is only getting better and with all the experiences has only made me that much stronger. LIFE IS GOOD if you let it.