Julie Johnson:
Title: Off the wall
Where: This is a family photo of us and our VW split-window bus that is the centerpiece of our living room - it was my husband and I's wedding gift to each other five years ago...he used to drive a VW microbus back in his 20s and we finally found one that couldn't be re-purposed and hired an artist from Detroit to help complete our vision. It took almost a year to fabricate, a month to ship, and three guys to pick-up and hang!
Story: My husband Pete & I have been married five years, and have two small children Rowan, age 1 and Ryland age 3. We are currently living in a costal town just north of San Francisco and have always committed to buying VWs. We carve our pumpkins with VW logo's, buy VW clothes, and generally are freakish about anything/everything VW - as you can see from our photo. We currently drive a VW Tourag & a TDI wagon, and our kids enjoy a blue VW tent from Monster Factory when we travel to the beach. A gift certificate for driver gear would be super cool!