William Vannoy:
Title: My son's new classic
Where: This is my son's 1972 Classic with a single port 1600 cc. He has heard my stories of me and my friends old bugs and how I wished I still had! We found this one in my co-workers driveway on 4 flat tires, no battery, no tags or inspection sticker in the last 15 years. We went over bought it, aired up the tires and dragged it home and had it running within the week! He loves his bug He has learned a lot about auto repair since we are now building a Dual port, dual bypass 1641 with a 110 cam and performance heads with a monza quad exhaust!
Story: I am an old mechanic started turning wrenches in elementary school. My father was an airframe mechanic and when we moved into a new neighborhood our next door neighbor's sons had a couple of nice cars and raced on the weekends at the old Alamo dragway in San Antonio. Since I was always hanging out there they figured lets put the kid to work it started out just cleaning parts(grunt work) that lead to rebuilding Carbs, and anything I could get my hands into! In my teen years I had a 74 super and then a 70 Camaro, then a 76 Z28 and so on. I remember a friend had a little baja bug and a doof in a hot mustang was looking for a race so we talked him onto a couple of minutes to change out the rear tires so we went and changed the motor to a 2000 cc he had built and some drag slicks and met him at the spot where all the teens raced.I have never seen a bug eat up so much asphalt so quick or a mustang go up in smoke trying to keep up! So now I spend a lot of time with my son teaching him everything I have to teach him about cars. It has been great bonding with him on this level and I also bought a 1974 classic for myself to keep that spirit alive! I want a notch if I can find a decent one!