John Rieg:
Title: Soaking in the new Volkswagen
Where: This is a picture of me with my middle child as we are awaiting delivery of our new 2013 Jetta TDI. We are soaking in the VW experience. Both of my parents had a beetle as their first cars so I felt nostalgic as it is my first car so to speak. I have only owned a pickup truck. My wife and 3 children accompanied me on the day of delivery. It was getting close to 8 so my wife wanted to take the kids home for bed. Our middle daughter, in the picture, wanted to stay and ride home in the new car. She even tried to pass up dinner but my wife picked something up for her and dropped it off and we dined at the dealership.
Story: I have driven a pickup truck daily for the past 10 years so this is a major change for me. I love sports, the outdoors, woodworking and home remodeling projects. I have been married for 8 years, have 1 son (6), 2 daughters (4, 1) and 2 goats. We live in the country on 16 acres and spend most of our time outside.