chase engquist:
Title: family photo
Where: Vw's have been in my family for many generations. The silver 67 type three squareback is mine, I got it when it was just a shell and a motor and did a full restoration on to make it a two time first place bugorama winner. The 2013 gti to the right is also mine, and I couldn't be happier with it. The jetta tdi on the left is my fathers and the turbo convertable beetle on the right is my step moms.
Story: My name is chase and im a full time student at asu in arizona. I have always loved vws they have been part of my family since before I can remember. I have restored my own 67 squareback and made it into a show winner, and just recently got a gti that I absolutely love. I hope to have many more vw in my family but for now this is a start.