Ryan Kathleen Coons:
Title: Bug on 19's; 2.oh too slow
Where: This is my 1998 Volkswagen Beetle. I never in life had planned on purchasing or being the proud owner of a VW Beetle, but I am in love with this vehicle. When my father passed away, he left money to get me a new vehicle for when my old golf had died, plus it was a safety hazard on the road, an old beat up mk2. I found her for $4500 with 35,000 miles on it a few towns away from my hometown. Last year during a brutal breakup, living back at my mother's with my brother and her, he is very ill and sick and hospitalized for his conditions, but spent a few days in the garage, put on the rims I bought, 19" Axis Penta Rims, Eibach Springs, lowered 2", cut my shift for a short shifter, just a tip and cold air intake. He painted my calipers Watermelon Pink. He wanted me to have a nice whip like he used to. Family is important, mine was expressed through Volkswagen.
Story: Twenty-seven year old girl named Ryan living in the suburbs with a bug on 19's and two 12" subs. I call her "Betty" and "wufenwagen". I love art and photos, music, the oldies, Elvis Presley and Johnny cash. Cat lover, have two cats and a dog named Elvis. I have Celiac Disease and Colitis and the most fun thing I can really do right now is ride around in my bug. Little kids punch each other over my car when I drive by.