Erikka Joudrey:
Title: Me and moonshine the mk2
Where: This is me and my mk2, she is a 1990 jetta. old rusty, and not the best. but I fell in love, and did everything I can to keep er on the road. I learned a little myself, and fixed everything I could myself. Right now she is off the road, and I cried. I love her very much and we have been though a lot together. had some hard times, some tows, and some great drives. I will never get rid of her no matter how bad of shape she is. Moonshine (her name) will always be mine, even if it means turning her into a barbeque. <3
Story: I am a 17 year old girl, obsessed with Volkswagens. Especially the mk2's. Its my dream to rebuild them so they are brand new. I wont drive anything other then a vw. A lot for my friends, and relationships started with the love of Volkswagens, and I show my support by going to shows every year. I cant express how much I love them enough. I want to be a mechanic for them because I am so passionate. Volkswagen is a way of life. <3