Colleen Phillips:
Title: Stevie & "Tigger"
Where: When our son Stevie was 3, we traded our 2005 Beetle in for our 2009 Tiguan SE. To our son "Tigger" as he, now 6, calls her is a member of the family. This past weekend he took it pretty hard when he discovered she was being traded in for a 2013 Beetle Turbo. We caught him taking pics of her with his Nintendo DS; then found him in the driveway with her just hanging out.He definitely reflects our family's love for dubs. Our dealership was great about helping him through the transition. We are sure he'll find a special place in his heart for the new Beetle, too. :-)
Story: As Stevie's mom, my love of VW started when I was just a little girl watching Herbie movies. Now as an adult, VW is the only thing I drive. In addition to being stylish and efficient, they're safe and keeping my little dub fan safe is the most important thing when selecting a vehicle for our family. Our new beetle is our 4th VW since 1999.