Barbara Harpster:
Title: California Poppy
Where: My car is #889 out of 1,200 VW Golf GTI 'Fahrenheit' produced in 2007. When I bought it used in 2012 I saw this German style license plate on the VW DriverGear site and had to get it for my special car. My two teenage sons also think it's an 'overly' cool car and both of them being 6'2" have plenty of legroom in the rear seats of the two door car.
Story: I was born in Germany and for the last 20 years have only driven American company cars. This is my first car that I own - and I was excited when I found this 'Fahrenheit' edition: a color that was last popular in the 70ies in Germany. I love driving fast and this GTI has the power and a nice tight suspension. When I am not testing out my car's 200 HP, I enjoy the world on top of one HP - as a trail guide on horseback through the open space of the San Francisco Peninsula.