Larry Brown:
Title: Through the years!
Where: VW's through the years... Started out in '74 with the yellow Dasher which was replaced by a '78. The Mexican "Ant" was a fun drive and got a lot of stares. Looked like an overgrown Tonka truck! The Rabbit pick-up is current with about 250,000 miles on it and still going strong(ish!)
Story: First Bug I remember was my Mom's black '58 (with a gas heater.) Learned to drive in a '67 Ivory Bug. (Oh I'd love to find a nice '67 now...) Been a VW person for a long time. Recently sold a '71 Super Beetle I had . The Rabbit is a '2nd' car and don't really take trips in it, though it gets driven a lot just the same. Wish there was a dealer closer to me out here in rural MO...