Kevin Watkins:
Title: 3 Generations of Loyal VW Owners
Where: In my picture are myself in front of the burgundy 1973 Bug, my father in front of the black 1972 Bug, and my daughter beside the 2003 Jetta. The gray 2004 Beetle also belongs to me. Thus, leading to the title of the picture “3 Generations of Loyal Volkswagen Owners.”
Story: The 1973 Bug is the “Love Bug” of the fleet because my wife and I went on many dates in it and drove it on our honeymoon. My wife bought me the 2004 Beetle and I drive it daily. My daughter bought the Jetta and named it Shelly. She loves it. My 15 year old daughter will get her license in a few months and I already have her a 2003 Passat. (not pictured due to recent purchase).