Jamie Colson:
Title: Bus Love
Where: My boyfriend and I had been dating a while when we decided to go with our friends on a VW drive. I was a little nervous about making it the whole way, but we made it to Leavenworth from Seattle, WA in the trusty old 1970 Volkswagen Bus, and decided to pose for a picture. We are still together today and he loves that bus more than anything. Many people have offered good money for it, but he's never going to sell it!! This picture always gets attention and everyone loves it. I hope you guys do, too.
Story: I'm a senior at the University of Washington and my boyfriend drives a 1970 Volkswagen Bus. We have a lot of great memories with the bus, especially summer bus parties where we all pile into the bus to hangout. My boyfriend Shelby currently works at a VW dealership, and will always love Volkswagens! We are soon planning to hang a German flag outside our house.