Lizvette Montiel :
Title: GTI: Made for One Another
Where: This picture shows a candy white 2010 GTI and a black 2012 GTI. I own the black one and my significant other owns the white one. Ever since having this car it has helped our love grow bigger because we are both great VW enthusiasts and love all German cars. Just by having the same car we are both able to envision all the modifications we want to do to our cars and can help each other in the process. Living this VW lifestyle is even more special when you get to share it with the person you love. Plus, not everyone who owns a GTI can say that their significant other owns a GTI as well, especially a female GTI owner. This lifestyle will be something we will pass on to our children because its something we hold true to our hearts.
Story: I'm a college student and one year closer to getting my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Minor in Legal Studies. I enjoy thrill seeking activities and horror movies are my thing to watch. Cars have always kept my interest, specifically European cars, and just how there are so many ways one can do to modify them. I am a determined and hard working student trying to make her way through college with an awesome VW GTI along for the ride.