Betsy Marshall:
Title: VW & Coca-Cola = perfect combo
Where: I honestly could've sent you so many Volkswagen pictures! This picture is of my 2013 red GTI, named Dixon. I named him after Daryl Dixon on the Walking Dead because he is such an awesome character. Dixon is my 10th car and so far my favorite! In addition to my VW job, I am a brand ambassador for several marketing and promotional agencies in Atlanta. In this picture I had just finished working for Coca-Cola at a local event. I felt that wearing all of that red would go perfect with my red GTI so I had to snap a picture! It was extremely hard to choose just ONE picture of all the VW's I have had the pleasure to lease or work with, so I chose the most recent. I will gladly send you more pictures if you like!
Story: I have been a VW fan ever since I can recall memories. I am 23 years old and it has always been apart of my life ever since I was born. My father was given a job at Volkswagen when he came home from the Vietnam war in Jacksonville, Florida. He just recently retired after 40 working years. Being his daughter, I am able to participate in the VW lease program and the GTI in the picture is my 10th car. I'll never want to drive a non-VW! About a year ago, I was asked by my local dealership's sales manager in Marietta, Georgia to be a delivery specialist due to having so much knowledge of Volkswagens. I immediately accepted and definitely have counted myself lucky! I love going to work and sharing my VW passion and excitement with new VW owners as they step into their new vehicle. Volkswagen has really blessed my life and my father's and I would be honored to represent them in their catalog.