Alexander Bilinski:
Title: Dr. Lemon Wedding Photo
Where: For my 3th birthday I chose a 2007 GLI Fahrenheit. # 632 of 1200 It was love at first sight. I made my car "My BEST MAN." Here's the image showing proof. My photographer was given special instructions to make room for photos for my best man. Unfortunately, he's no longer in the family. His name is Dr. Lemon. He's been replaced but not forgotten by a 2013 Candy White CC. It was a hard decision but financially it made more sense at the time. I plan to get another if I can find one again someday...
Story: I'm an avid VW enthusiast/parts manager(not sure if I can enter this). My first car was a MKII 86 Jetta Wolfsburg and I've been hooked ever since. I am always passionate about my brand and diligently make sure everyone knows what WE/VW have to offer...sometimes even if they don't wanna hear it 24/7.