Christopher  Solan:
Title: Stadtwaffen Wolfsburgs
Where: My picture is a tattoo on my leg, which was the first tattoo I got. It is of the Stadtswappen of the city of Wolfsburg. This was the first one I wanted, because since my first car (a chevy), I have had nothing but Volkswagens and Audis about 15 to be exact.
Story: I am a 38 year old German teacher and VW fanatic. I even learned German, because I love all things German, even my wife is from German ancestry! I have had all types of VW's, but my favorite is the Eurovan! My wife and I travelled to Germany for the first time in 2002 and we visited the Autostadt. We loved it so much we stayed 2 nights! Volkswagen is a part of who I am and fits my lifestyle. Anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn't drive anything but!