Becky Lee:
Title: Coming Home
Where: My husband and I bought Mr. Bojangles when we were living in New Mexico, and she was our daily driver for a few years. We decided to tow her to Washington State where she could have a garage to live in at my in-laws house. We moved to Maine, and she was still on the other side of the country in Puyallup, Washington. After some planning, we had her shipped to Augusta, ME. This is the photo I snapped out the window of my car as my husband drove into Washington County, Maine, the county we now live in. It was a great feeling to see the open road stretched out in front of her and to think about the fun adventures we'll have.
Story: We currently live in Washington County, Maine, the eastern most county in the country. Previously, we've lived in New Mexico, Wisconsin and Washington State. We bought this car together shortly before getting married, and 6 happy years later, she's still going strong.