Charles Dams:
Title: VW 1958 . . . und er lauft, und lauft, und lauft
Where: Our '58 Beetle standard, in my possession since 1992, has brought us on numerous holiday trips and to many different VW events. Most recently was in June 2013, a fabulous trip to Hessisch Oldendorf in Germany for the VW Veteranen Treffen. An event with the most rare models of VW; Rometsch, Hebm├╝ller, Schwimmwagen, Split Screens and many more . . .
Story: VW-driver since 1988, owner of '73 Beetle 1300L, '58 Beetle 1/11 standard, 2005 Golf Variant FSI Highline. Former chairman of Aircooled VW Club Netherlands (