Inez Jernberg:
Title: It's always a beautiful day on the road
Where: Taken at the rest stop I always force myself to pull over on. My commute is 7 hours round trip at least once a week. Enjoying my GTI, those hours seem to fly by. I always make sure that on the way to my customers and back I stop at least once to stretch my legs.
Story: I drive a LOT all over southern CO for work. My GTI is almost 2 and already has 55K miles on it. Some of my Instagram followers have thought that my driving is VW related (wouldn't that be awesome!) since I love taking scenic pics that include my car (see@i_of_inez // #GTIakaGrandTouringInez on IG). This is my 4th Golf, 1st GTI and I doubt I'll ever drive anything else.