Nick Janicke:
Title: A VeeDubbin Engagement
Where: The picture is of my now fiance with her engagement ring on the steering wheel of my 2001 Jetta. I knew I have the one because she was so excited to take pictures of the ring, then looked up and asked if I wanted to take a picture with the VW emblem in the background.
Story: I have been a Volkswagen lover since before I could drive. I grew up with my dad carting me around in an 87 Golf GL. Once I have able to drive I had. 91 Golf GL, then came my current 01 Jetta GLS, then I added an 84 Rabbit, which was short lived due to electrical problems, but then a tank called Ida was to the fleet. Ida is a 91 Jetta Ecodiesel. She's got 275K on her and is still purring. Yes it is true to say, I have some Dub Love