Eric Johnston:
Title: Purple bio-beetle and her friend "LOG"
Where: Flower powered bio-beetle romping in the redwoods! It loves living on the coast here in northern California. recently refurbished '98 TDI ready for more romping!
Story: I run a wine distribution business, and am an unabashed volkswagen freak who has owned a '69 beetle,'71 transporter van , 2001 golf TDI, 2003 jetta wagon TDI, 2009 sportwagen TDI. I currently own a 2003 jetta TDI, a 2013 jetta sportwagen TDI, and a 1998 new beetle TDI. love Vdubbin' in the redwoods! Good solid cars handle great on our squirrely roads! By the way, we need a dealership up here (Humboldt County)....