Darilee Van Pelt:
Title: 2012 Denim Blue
Where: This is my 2012 Beetle. I went in to the dealer on the launch day, and there were NONE there! Finally they started showing up... but not the ONE I wanted! I ordered him in October, and FINALLY got him in April! I waited for 6 months for his arrival, but it was so worth it!
Story: My first two cars were Karmann Ghias- a 1964 Karmann Ghia, which took me up and back to college (even moving all my stuff each year to the dorms). Sadly it was rear ended and totaled.Then came the 1969 Ghia... it had problems that couldn't be fixed, and had to be charged every night through my apartment door! I left VW for some years, but returned in 2003 to get my first Beetle. In 2007 I fell in love with another Beetle, and then came my 2009 Beetle. I loved him, but the 2012 version came out, and I had to have him! I love this car! The wait was worth it to have my sunroof and the Fender system!