Jeremy Helmsing:
Title: Welcome to the family
Where: As a member of the Navy Reserves, I had just returned home from deployment and took delivery of my 2013 GTI. I love the car so much I told my wife that it would belong to my 1-year old daughter some day. For the first wash, we got her in her bathing suit and she helped me clean off "Greta" as we've named our GTI. She then helped me put the new plates on and my wife started snapping some pics of the process.
Story: I am a middle school teacher, Navy reservist, Army Veteran, Mechanic, Autocrosser, Runner, Cyclist, Father, and Husband. I wear many hats and I try to do all things to the best of my ability. It may sound corny, but I feel the same way about my GTI. It can drive me to work with great gas mileage and reliability, shred the autocross track with aplomb, carry plenty of groceries from the supermarket, and even draw a few looks just cruising out in town.