Will Nelms:
Title: My Three Babies
Where: This is a picture of my lovely daughter Liz who is holding her sweet little brother Tom while resting on my third baby Herbie. He is a 1973 standard Beetle that has been in the family since he was new, having been bought by my Uncle originally. We have had him for the last nine years after I inherited him from my Uncle. The kids love the little car.
Story: I will be 45 years old this Sunday and I have been tied to VWs almost since birth having been the son of a USAF soldier stationed in Bitburg, Germany. My first car was a 69 Beetle, since then I have owned a 60 Panel Bus, 66 Beetle, 97 Jetta, 01 Jetta and currently own a 06 Passat and 73 Beetle. I love Volkswagen to the core and hope you enjoy my photo. Regards, Will