Nancy Williams:
Title: Nippy Thelma
Where: My VW, Nippy Thelma, makes people happy. Everyone loves her and she makes them smile! Nippy's a 99 VW Beetle. I painted my dog's portraits on the doors and hood. The body of the car is bedazzled in rabies tags, jewels, and mardi gras beads. The trunk is covered in black board paint. I write happy thoughts or allow others to draw their dog's portrait there. My greatest reward is "orbiting." Another car passes me. The kids in the back spot Nippy. The speeding car slows down. The passenger windows come down and the smart phone comes out to snap a picture. My cure for a bad day is a ride in the Nippy!
Story: Art and dogs make my day. Nippy Thelma was created after attending the Houston Art Car Parade. I had to be in it! My dogs, LuLu and BB King, are agility dogs. Both have Novice titles through the AKC. They love a car ride in Nippy Thelma. I am a grandmother of 2 and a mother of 4.