Michael Herrera:
Title: Blair my Jetta after a nice shower <3
Where: This is my 2013 Jetta Hybrid and her name is Blair <3 after a nice long shower
Story: I'm a local from Queens NY. The heart of NYC, which is where Blair takes me, ALL OVER. I really fell in love with VW's back when a friend of mine had a 2006 Passat. I got my first 2008 Jetta back in 08', once the newer model came out I really liked the new design and decided to trade it in. So I got a 2011 all white Jetta, her name was Jessica. Then I really followed up with VW before the Hybrid was even available for purchase. I made constant research and slowly started falling in love with the thought of me driving an eco friendly Hybrid. So as soon as it hit the dealers I went to go get her, January of 2013. Iv'e loved all my Jettas, always taken care of them and always like to keep them clean. I'm actually already do for my 10,000 mile service after only 7 months! The Driver gear would come in handy since I plan on doing a camping trip and later on a ski trip during the end of the year!