Anna Todd:
Title: Bug Saved My Life
Where: A 2008 triple white beetle was my very first car, and I loved it. January 2013, on the way home from college, I had my first collision. On the Interstate, a truck collided with a traffic construction truck, which threw his truck perpendicular in front of me. I t-boned the truck going nearly 75 mph. Then an 18 wheeler rear ended me. I survived the wreck, made it out with some bruises, cuts, a broken nose and foot. The wreck could have been much worse, but the bug saved my life. People underestimate the safety of these cars. People constantly tell me how lucky I am to be alive. I miss my car. I got more compliments on my car than anything else, my friends always told me how jealous they were of my car because it was so cute.
Story: A young college student from Texas going into the technology field.