Linda Sweet:
Title: Sister's Linda & Doris
Where: I bought my VW Passat SEL and my sister was with at the time. One week later we were back at Cardinale VW in Salinas where she purchased her Tiguan. As you can see we both are loving our new cars. The story is that my sister and I tried to make it look like a VW with our arms, if we had T-shirts and hats it would have really sold the picture.
Story: I am retired but, work part time. I was driving a 14 year old car and it was time to go out to look at new cars. My friend has a VW so we headed for the VW Dealership and well I just fell in love with the Passat. Of course I had to have the car that had a garage door opener. We looked at every car on the lot before I found the one I liked.