Shannon Herschberger:
Title: Pepin
Where: Just as my fellow VW lovers in the book, I go crazy taking photos of my GLI. I named him "Pepin" because when I first looked at his face I saw fierce determination.... Determination to get where he is going with style and efficiency. Pepin means determination so I guess he chose his own name. I'll have this car always. He is amazing!
Story: My love story with VW started when I was 14. As a girl born to parents who owned '55 Chevys and a '67 Camaro, it was not an easy task to convince them that Volkswagen was the way to go... but after the first one was purchased, it started a chain reaction. At 15, my first car was a 1965 Bug. Several cars later, my daily driver is an '09 GLI. The '58 rag top stays in the garage until the sunshine comes out.