Shannon Herschberger:
Title: In My Driveway
Where: I love all VW's and enjoy taking photos of their beauty. My husband needed to build some shelves in the garage so he rolled "The Fire Fly" out into the driveway. Sitting there looking lovely, I ran to get my camera and capture the beauty of his tiny back tail lights, the shiny old bumper and the round line of the fender.
Story: My love story with VW started when I was 14. As a girl born to parents who owned '55 Chevys and a '67 Camaro, it was not an easy task to convince them that Volkswagen was the way to go... but after the first one was purchased, it started a chain reaction. At 15, my first car was a 1965 Bug. Several cars later, my daily driver is an '09 GLI. The '58 rag top stays in the garage until the sunshine comes out.