Brian Froustet:
Title: MK1 Madness
Where: This was on the way to a VW gathering in Pennsylvania called MK1 Madness. A yearly event to show case our love for MK1 VWs. I have had quite a few VWs, all either MK1s or Mk2s, but my favorite has always been the MK1 GTI. I am the 3rd owner of the one seen here in this picture and I have owned it for about 12 years. Although it has had some motor and interior work it is the original paint and I keep it that way as a tribute to the mods that were done to it in the 80s, trying to keep it period correct. In the passenger seat is my best friends daughter who looks forward to going to MK1 Madness with us every year and we will never disappoint her or her love for VWs.
Story: A Volkswagon lover now and always who is always looking for and buying/collecting old VW items. Save the squares, Westys For Life.... A proud Westmoreland built GTI owner.