Where: While getting my wheels installed I was lucky enough if they could use my GTI for their catalog. Picture is from photo shoot.
Story: Just your typical VW enthusiast since the age of 17. My first car was a 66 vw bug I received for my high school graduation. Second was a 72 karmangia I worked 3 summers to buy. I'm 41 now and my current car is a 2006 GTI. The wife likes to remind me that I'm not a kid anymore and I should just get rid of my "kid car" as she refers to it. She is right because everytime I get in my car and go for a drive I do feel like a kid again. It helps too that people yound and old give me the thumbs up when they see my car. Guess it's safe to say I will be driving VW's for the rest of my life. I get the feeling the GTI will be with me for a while...