Crystal Albert:
Title: Happy Birthday
Where: Days after my fortieth birthday I left town for business. My husband and daughter secretly also left to buy my dream car. While on my trip an old VW pulled up next to me. I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to my husband. It was the exact same color as the one he just bought me. After slight heart failure (he thought the surprise was ruined) he realized it was a different car. When I returned home and opened the garage door-there sat my surprise with a large red bow. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Story: As the only daughter (I have three brothers) my father was quite protective. I always wanted an old VW-the year I was born; however my dad never allowed me. He didn’t think they were safe enough for me. I married quite young and after three children getting my dream was only a dream. Throughout the years my husband reassured me that someday I would get my car. He came through for me with the best surprise ever!