Billy York:
Title: "Nannies Reunion"
Where: Taken along the beach in Corpus Christie, TX during "Nannies" family reunion (Nannie - Frankie Faulkner, my wife's grandmother, had celebrated her 99th birthday a few weeks before). Nannie enjoyed riding around CC with the top down as much as she enjoyed having FIVE GENERATIONS or her family at the reunion! Kathy York-driver, Nannie-Passenger, Sue and Chuck Dahlen (Kathy's parents) in back seat.
Story: Billy York. We bought our Beetle and decided to make it stand out amongst other vehicles. My wife, Kathy, likes wild animal print. We settled on a leopard print wrap. Whether going down the highway or parked, people are constantly taking photographs or posing next to our Beetle. Kathy and I have lovingly named our Beetle Covertible..."WILD THANG"!