Robert Keefe:
Title: Me and MY NEW V-DUB!
Where: Me and MY NEW Candy White Golf TDI! I LOVE this DUB! It's my first TDI, not my first new dub. I must say, I've ALWAYS wanted a TDI and I FINALLY have one! This car is MORE FUN than I even thought possible! Not to mention WAY COOL, technology and safety is INSANELY GREAT! Speaking of which, did I mention FUEL MILEAGE? WOW! Thanks VW! and THANKS for still making these in WOLFSBURG! I LOVE IT!
Story: Dedicated, VW driver for decades! I love all of your products, but for me and my wallet VW has MUCH MORE bang for the buck, than any other car company. I've strayed in the past with others, yet I always come back to the cars that I love MOST! VEE-DUB-A-U RULES! Don't ever change the way you make cars!