Pehr Jansson:
Title: Ready For Sailing '98 VW GTI
Where: I sail every year in an event called the Texas 200. It is a five day trip along the texas coastal bays, e.g., Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay. Here I have my sailboat, a Jim Michalak Piccup Pram that I built from scratch, loaded on top of my 1998 VW GTI VR6 that I have owned since new. Two of my favorite things working together to provide me a fun time.
Story: I love sailing. I love to build things. So I have combined these into building sailboats. My car is 15 years old and I still love it. It's my "SUV". I tow boats with it, I haul lumber on top, I carry my dog and kids in it. Yet, when not used as a work horse, it's a race horse. Only natural that I would have my GTI participate in sailing adventures.