Scott Brown:
Title: 81 Caddy, Turn 7
Where: My third VW was a 1981 Caddy purchased in 1984 as my commuter transportation. Having already owned a 80 Jetta and a 84 GTi, I was sure this was the perfect driver for my daily 100 drives into San Francisco and back. Jump forward 10 years and over 200,000 miles I found myself as a driving instructor for the then new NASA racing group. Seen here at Turn 7 at Sears Point with student, showing them the proper line. My first date with my wife was in the Caddy, so you can imagine, I still own and drive my 81 Caddy on a regular basis. Now retired from track use, better suited for trips to the nursery, hardware store or trips for ice cream.
Story: Brand Strategist, business owner, family man, father, chef and head bottle washer. Just purchased my daughter a 2013 Jetta, 33 years after I purchased my first VW. Vintage car owner and racer and part of the Huffaker Engineering Holligans team.