Julie Hileman:
Title: My 28 years of collecting Volkswagen Bugs.
Where: The picture I am submitting is of my VW Bug collection. I have over 250 Volkswagen items in an antique cabinet. I started my collection about 28 years ago and have been adding more every time I find one. I have a 1968 toy Bug that my parents got from the dealer when they purchased their 1968 green VW Bug.
Story: My dad is a retired Volkswagen mechanic and has always purchased Volkswagens for their cars to drive. I learned how to drive on a 1968 VW Bug and still drive it today as my every day car. Our family has been fixing up my car a little at time. The paint job is all complete due to a car accident last year that took out the front of the car. Now we are trying to work on the inside of the car when time permits.