Angela Abney:
Title: Love & Loss
Where: In March of this year I purchased my very first Volkswagen. I've always wanted to own one and my chance had finally come. I was more than thrilled to end up with a 2008 R32. It was love at first drive. I fell in love with car and HAD to have it. Sadly, after only a few months of owning her I was in an accident; on the day before Mother's Day. I remember like it was yesterday. It all happened so fast. The first words after I came to was "my car....". I've never been more in love with a car, and to lose her was devastating. The car saved our lives though, and for that I am truly grateful. She will never be forgotten and my goal is to own another one someday. A few months after the accident I found myself behind the wheel of another VW; a 2008 GTI. I am very happy with this car and getting something other than a VW was not an option. Thank you VW for making such safe, reliable - and enjoyable cars!
Story: I love cars and motorcycles and I write/photograph for a blog at I work full time in Government sales and I am engaged to be married.