Imad Farhadi:
Title: Beetle & San Juan Capistrano
Where: I was visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission in Southern California with my two boys. We own a 2012 Passat and we love her. We love everything VW as well. As such, VWs get our attention. This one blue beetle was just pefectly placed in fron of the ruins of the Mission. I snapped several picures, and I am sharing the best one with you.
Story: I am a photographer and love VWs. My dad owned a Passat over 20 years ago. My younger sister owns a Tiguan and younger brother owns a Jetta. His wife owns a Jetta as well and his in-laws own a 2012 Passat CC. We have a lot of VWs in the family. I hope you and readers like this photo. I have several more to share.