Mar Manibo:
Title: VW Beetle in Nigeria
Where: Bought this 1975VW bug in Sept, 1975 in Nigeria, Africa. It served us till 1990. It became part of our memorable life with three growing kids born in 1973, 1974, 1980. With long trips in this car, my wife gave our passenger kids lessons in Spelling, Math, and reading street signs. Our VW made me learn to repair its engine and others belonging to our friends). I sold it in 1990 still in excellent running condition In the picture are our family, sister, cousin and friends in front of our employer-provided house in Katsina State, Nigeria taken in 1980.
Story: I have been b a teacher since 1967 7 years in Philippines, 15 years in Nigeria, Africa, and California since 1993 to the present. I read motivational books and investments. I love fishing from small ponds to tuna fishing in the ocean. I also like outdoors. While indoors, I do handyman stuff except electronics / electrical.