Kellie & Joe & Roxie Long:
Where: When it comes to love here it is. We love our garden and we love our "Betty" Beetle. We named her "Betty" because she has old school features that make her a "Betty" with 21st century swag. This is my very first brand new 2012 VW. Our VW shows so much love, we had to park it in the backyard so even the flowers are excited! Roxie the puppy daughter enjoys her rides in "Betty" and loves to pop her head out the window while we cruise.
Story: I am an avid gardener and dollhouse collector. I really enjoy spending time with my little puppy daughter roxie and my husband. Together we both enjoy being involved with our community and spending time with one another. This is my second VW. The last VW was 12 years old before it was time for a BRAND NEW VW. The best times are driving around and watching the children or adults punch eachothers arm and yell "PUNCH BUG". Owning a VW is a special group all in itself because whenever you see someone who has one you beep and sign VW peace...