Lillian Malm:
Title: VW & Sled Dog Love
Where: Steven and I wanted our Christmas photos to show our passions. We are fairly simple people but we love our VWs (aircooled & watercooled) and we love our 5 rescued dogs. We take our dogs with us to every VW show and share info about our rescue (Texas Sled Dog Rescue) and talk about our 1964 Type 34 Karmann Ghia. Dubs and Dogs are what make us a happy family. Between running TSDR and VW car shows, we stay pretty busy and very happy
Story: We worked with dogs when we met and after Steven found out who the custom VW Jetta belonged to, we realized we had more in common than just the dogs. He was very partial to VWs as well and everything just fell into place. We found our dream VW (the Type 34) shortly after we got a house. Our family consists of 5 rescued dogs (4 are sled dogs), 2 watercooled VWs and 1 aircooled VW.