Sharon Maness:
Title: Our Volkswagens thru the years
Where: VOLKSWAGON’S Our VW’s through the years, just a change of gears. First came 1968 VW Bug making us snug as a bug in a rug. Now a new 2013 VW Passat Is what we have got. In between there were several other ones but none like the bug, so much fun. We’ve had red, white, blue, and green colors you have already seen. We had a dasher, square back, and let’s see there were Jetta’s times three. In the family there was a dune buggy and a pick up, All driven with love and lot’s of luck. The first and last are shown together In our family forever. Sharon Maness July, 2013
Story: My husband was a Volkswagen mechanic for 28 years. We have owned several Volkswagens since 1968. Our Bug we purchased right off the train car and the new Passat we purchased in Portland, Oregon 1 month ago. We are died in the wool Volkswagen owners. The 1968 Volkswagen bug my daughter drives every day.