Brenda Bacchi:
Title: Bug in the vines
Where: This is my first car a 72 super Beatle. It's out for the day posing in my families 108 year old vineyard which we live on with my 2 children, Rex ans Amarica Rafanelli 19 and 16 They have both learned to drive there first stick shift in this car...some of which took place in this vineyard.
Story: I purchased it when I was 18 and it was only 8 years old. I. Am now 51 and it is 26 years younger making it 35 years still runs and we go out for rides together...makes me feel 18 again. I own and am a steward of my nonni an nonno ( Italian grandparents) now 108 year old Zinfandel vineyard in sonoma county. I also have worked for united airlines as a flight attendant since 1991. I have 2 great kids my son Rex is a Jr at St Marys college in Moraga Ca and my daughter Amarica is a jr in high school and just about to get her 1st car...a convertible beetle she hopes. We all love to travel and have recently gone to Cambodia to teach English and music in remote schools, an enriching experience for us all.