George Miller:
Title: 1974 convertible I restored
Where: This is my 1974 VW Convertible.
Story: My wife and I have had many volkswagons in our 45 years together. The first one was a 1960 bug with a large sliding sunroof. I wish I still had it. When she graduated from high School her grandfather gave her a little money so she could buy a brand new 1967 zenith blue beetle. We had that car for many years. Since then we have had rabbits, a fox, a rabbit convertible. Bought a passat in 2001 while working in Virginia. After that we got a 2005 1/2 new Jetta tdi. It now has nearly 200,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago we bought a 2010 Routan. With the 1974 convertible I restored, we now have three VW cars in our fleet. We will always fondly remember our fun times while cruising in our vw's.