Allison Mcmordie:
Title: moar low
Where: This is my boyfriends 2008 R32 and I swear he loves it more than he loves me. When i first met him, he had the car lowered with a loud exhaust on it, which caused him many tickets and debt unfortunately. He loved this car so much and had to put it back to stock and give it up to his grandparents. It killed me to see such a dope car go.
Story: Im actually a now proud owner of a Vdub because of my boyfriend! I had a honda when i first met him and I fell in love with VW because of how awesome his car was! I own a 2013 Tiguan now! I go to school in Syracuse studying engineering, and theres lots of snow there, so i got the SUV model to be able to go through the snoq to come home to the guy i love!