Maria Potts:
Title: Diesel Supreme
Where: Exceptional design detail of the 2013 Passat TDI SEL Premium. The conformal headlight design is mirrored in the fog lights & DRLs. The hood lines also flow in the lights.
Story: Retired US Air Force Officer and Electrical Engineer. First owned a 1962 VW Beetle in Spain, then a VW 1970 Camper for 15 years (my daughters grew up in the Camper as we travel a crossed the USA, England, France, and Spain.) also had 411 Wagon, 1968 Beetle and 1984 Golf Carbiol. Now back to a 2013 Passat of excellent design quality and design. Traded in my 1996 Jag, XJ6..... The TDI decreased my fuel consumption by 50% or increased my mpg by 100+%.