Maura Reynolds:
Title: Hamster's Love VWs
Where: My picture is my black Teddy Bear Hamster, Scamp, holding the VW logo. He has an interest for cars like the rest of my family.
Story: My name is Maura Reynolds, I have two hamsters, two Bearded Dragons, a Dog and four kittens we rescued that live at my neighbors. I have always loved animals so I spend a lot of time with my hamster, my dog and the kittens. They are a great experience! My dad has always loved cars and that has had an effect on my family. We love car shows and watch the car show Top Gear as a family fun night. My dad has owned many cars and I have loved all of them. He has owed a limousine! Now my family owned a VW Passat, BMW, Honda CRX, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee "Woody". I also love taking pictures so I was interested in the contest.